Project Engineering by hse-electronics



If the project scope beyond the boundaries of your capacity, then the solution is
called hse-electronics


What we offer:

Complete development by hse-electronics:
In cooperation with you a project concept will be developed such as:

  • Analysis of existing resources (eg software and hardware)
  • Preparation of a detailed concept (if requested by the "V" model)
  • Planning and development of hardware (construction of prototypes and printed circuit boards)
  • Design and implementation of the software taking into account of the "Misra Rules"
  • Design and implementation of test methods
  • Supporting the certification of the project

Established knowledge

  • Close to hardware programming of 8-16-32-bit microcontrollers.
  • C, C + +, assembler
  • Windows programming
  • Using the current compilers of “Tasking”, “Keil” and “CodeGear (Borland)”.
  • Design and support in the certification of industrial bus systems, such as CANopen, DeviceNet
  • Design and prototyping (PCB design, component selection ....)

Know-how transfer:
In communication with your developer team, we push projects, or even single developing steps, train and consult according to demand.

Implementation on site:
We take the responsible implementation of a project at your company and integrate your development resources into the project.

Of course after the development phase we are also available: from the telephone request, to the targeted development of existing systems, a continuous and competent supervision is ensured.



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