PLC-Tracer© for monitoring, simulating and manipulating data traffic between charging stations (EVSE) and electric vehicles (EV)




EV-Simulation — Replication of an electric vehicle at data level for testing charging stations
EVSE-Simulation — Replication of a charging station at the data level for testing of electric vehicles
EV-EVSE-Data-Display — Monitoring PLC data traffic between electric vehicles and charging stations
EV-EVSE-Data-Manipulation — Ability of PLC data manipulation (IEC 61851:2001 / SAE J1772:2001 / ISO 15118)




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The PLC-tracer provides a solution for monitoring common
standards of data traffic between electric vehicles and
charging stations.
Linked between electric vehicles and charging stations, the PLC data can be interpreted, examined for inconsistencies and stored in real time during the charging process.
At data level a charging station, or an electric vehicle can be simulated.
To determine the response to non-standard EV or EVSE-parameter this parameters can be set deliberately outside the norm.
Incorrect parameters of the charging station (e.g. PWM pulse width) or of the electric vehicle (eg wrong CP-resistance) can be corrected during operation in order to test other components of the system.
An integrated oscilloscope allows to examine the-CP signal
The PLC-tracer is used in research and development of large car manufacturers, charging station manufacturers, test commissions.
Manual PLC-Tracer

- PLC-test following ISO 15118: 2013 and DIN 70121: 2012
- CompleteV2G-Cycle
- Pv6 protocols
- EVSE PWM frequency measurement
- EVSE PWM duty cycle measurement
- EV PWM amplitude measurement
- Additional analysis of the PWM signal via integrated oscilloscope
- PWM signals by lead (bridge mode)
- PWM signals manipulation (Developer mode)
- Charging plug IEC 62196 Combo Type 2 (AC and DC)
- Displaying the charging voltage L1, L2, L3 and DC
- Compact design allows for easy transportation
- Controlling of the PLC © tracer over a built-in PC with LCD touch screen
- Storing of all logged data as a PCAP file (including PWM measurement)
- Measuring voltage connection DC +, DC-, L1, L2, L3, N, PE (optional)



Technical Data

Device Power Supply

90 - 260 VAC and 12 V DC 3A

Power consumption

approx. 30 W

Operating temperature 

 0 - 40 C

Storage temperature

 -10 - 60 C

Relative Humidity

15% - 70% (non-condensing)

Scope of delivery

Charger Type 2 Standard AC or DC type 2 COMBO (optional) Keyboard, power cable


LCD, LED, 8,2“, Touch sensitive, 800 x 600 Pixel

Mass storage

SSD-120 GByte, 2 GByte RAM



Operation system

Windows 7 Professional


ISO/IEC 15118, ISO/IEC 61851, IEC 62196, DIN 70121


2 x hse-electronics EVC Kit
2 x QCA 7000 Chipset
PWM Measuring range: -30 to +30 V
PWM amplitude: 3-12 V adjustable
PWM analysis: frequency and duty cycle
PWM generator f = 900 Hz-1100 Hz, ti / tp = 0-100%


PWM control and analysis software

Case connectors

1 x VGA for external monitor
Each 1 x BNC CP connection for EVSE and EV
Each 1 x 2 Combo Inlet for EVSE and EV
1 x USB 2.0
1 x 12 V DC operating voltage (automobile power voltage)
1 x 230 V AC Operating Voltage

Charging current connectors DC-DC+

Internally, each 35 mm2, 500 V, 125 A
Internally, each with 6 mm2, 250 V, 32 A
Internally, each 0.75 mm2
Internal 16 mm2


w: 50 cm; h: 23 cm; l: 63 cm




16 Kg





The PLCTracer Downloader The "PLCTracer Downloader" prepares a USB stick and loads the latest software from the our webside. After that you can insert the USB Stick into a PLCTracer and with a click on "UpdateSoftware" your entire software is automatically updated. Download...








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