V2G Viewer Pro© Log File Interpreter for reading and interpreting of High Level Communication data between Electric Vehicles (EV) and Charging Stations (EVSE).


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Opens — PCAP/PCAPng files, that have been created by (e.g.) Wireshark or the PLC-Tracer©.
Exports— all data as CSV document, charging graph or XML interpreter file.
Interprets— all data and checks them for inconsistencies regarding the most recent ISO 15118 and DIN 70121.
Searches — for messages and their contents.

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The V2G Viewer Pro© opens pcap/PcapNg files and displays the High Level Communication (HLC) data, that have been exchanged between the EV and EVSE. (EXI)

Pcap/PcapNg files can, for example, be recorded by Wireshark or the PLC-Tracer© and be imported to the V2G Viewer Pro©.




The data packages are then, if applicable, extracted and all HLC-Data is being displayed. The by the PLC-Tracer© recorded PWM values are also being displayed.

Furthermore the file is being checked for inconsistencies regarding the most recent ISO 15118 and DIN 70121. In case of a detection of an inconsistency, a warning or error message is being displayed by the interpreter. All displayed packages can be exported as a CSV-file (readable by e.g. Microsoft Excel)

Furthermore a graphic (png, jpg, bmp) displaying the charging cycle can be created. The advanced search function makes for an easy search for messages and their contents.




The collected messages in the interpreter can be exported as an XML file. For seamless operation in existing systems, the V2G Viewer Pro© can be thoroughly operated by command line.


Graphic Display of the Charing Cycle




    V2G-Cycle (Exi) | SECC | SLAC | IPv6 Protocols | PWM Values

    As a Graphic
    As CSV
    As XML (Interpreter)

    According to ISO 15118 and DIN 70121

    Searches messages
    Searches message contents
    Marks messages


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