EVC Kit The universal tool for simulating and checking of ISO15118 communication protocols and for development of AC charging stations (EVSE) according to established standards



The EVC kit is a simulation environment for communication protocols for visualization and verification of electric vehicles (EV) and charging stations (EVSE). In EVC, the current versions of the communication protocols are implemented. Upcoming changes will follow through regular software updates.

Fields of application:
The kit represents an ideal environment for the development of system know-how in relation to the current state of standardization in accordance with ISO15118

Automobile manufacturers can use the system to simulate typical EVSE behavior and checking early protocol implementations on EV. By simulating typical EV charging stations systems manufacturers can verify EVSE application.

Charging systems can be built with EVC

Well-known manufacturer of charging stations set the EVC kit into their systems.

EVC-Kit Features:

  • Simulation of communication protocols between EV and EVSE systems via a real PLC / PWM Link
  • PLC communication HomePlug GreenPhy (QCA 7000 in accordance with ISO15118, IEC 61851, DIN 70121)
  • PWM generation: frequency / pulse width adjustable (+- 10% in accordance with SAE J1772 1kHz / ISO 61851-1)
  • Measurement of PWM: Frequency and pulse width
  • Generation of the CP-voltage + /-12V
  • Measurement of the CP-voltage + U and-U
  • Setting the CP-resistance between 3 - 12V
  • Measurement of PP-resistance
  • Controling of two motors via an H-bridge
    (per 12V 1.8A fused)
  • Reading out of connected limit switches
  • Vehicle Interface TCP / IP ISO 15118-2
  • Software stack according to ISO 15118 standard
  • Operation of the system in accordance to SAE J1772, IEC 61851-1 via RS232
  • Two fused (0.5 A) Outputs
  • PC software (optional).
  • Dimensions (L / W / H): 190x100x20mm
  • Weight 140g
  • Operating temperature 0-60 C
  • Relative humidity 15% - 70%
  • Input voltage 8-16V DC
  • Power consumption about 3W


















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