Embedded Development
Specific customers hard- and software development with 8/16/32 -bit MCUs as well as fieldbus-systems
(like CAN-Bus, CANopen und DeviceNet).












Infineon, ST, Silabs, Silicon Labs, ST Microelectronics, C166, XC167, XE166, XC2000, XC2200, XC2300, XC2700, ST10, STM32F ARM Cortex M3, 32-bit Cortex-M3, C8051, C8051xxxx, SDA6000, SDA6001, M1, Flash, Flashspeicher, Flashtools, Programmer, Flash-Utilities, Flash-Ulitity, Bootstraploader, programmieren, brennen, Progger, Flasher, Microcontroller, Microprocessor, MCU, CPU, InCircuit, Flash Loader, Tool, FLASHit, Compact , Progger, Programmiertool, In circuit Flash programming flash programmer, Device Programmer, Flash Memory Programmer, Flash Loader stm32, In circuit programmer .
Infineon C166: C161, C164, C165, C167 XC167: XC161, XC164, XC167 XE166: XE162, XE164, XE167, XE169
XC2200: XC2236, XC2264, XC2265, XC2267, XC2285, XC2286, XC2287, XC2297, XC2298, XC2299
XC2300: XC2363, XC2338, XC2364, XC2365, XC2385, XC2387, XC2388, XC2397, XC2398
XC2700: XC2797, XC2787, XC2786, XC2766, XC2785, XC2765, XC2735, XC2764, XC2734, XC2763, XC2733
SiLabs C8051: C8051F0, C8051F1, C8051F2, C8051F3, C8051F44, C8051F5, C8051F7, C8051F8, C8051F9, C8051T6
STM STM32: STM32F100, STM32F101, STM32F102, STM32F103, STM32F105, STM32F107
ST10F1: ST10F163, ST10R167, ST10F167, ST10F168, ST10F169,
ST10F2: ST10F269, ST10R272, ST10F276, ST10F280
NXP, PC1300, LPC1700, LPC1800,
Micronas SDA6000, SDA6001, M2
ARM Cortex-M3, ARM Cortex-M0, ARM 7
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PLC-TRACER, E-Mobilitšt, e-mobility,
Elektro vehicle, EV, EVSE, plc, pp, emo, Power Line Communication, Standardisierung, Charging station, IEC 61851:2001, SAE 1772:2001, ISO 15118, V2G, Slak, PWM, AC-EVSE-Tester, DC-EVSE-Tester, V2G-View, View to grid Log File Interpreter


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competence in embedded systems
hse-electronics GmbH operates in the specific customers hard- and software development with 8/16/32-bit-MCUs as well as fieldbus-systems (like CAN-Bus) and the development and distribution of programmer-tools in industrial embedded control technologies.

Welcome to hse-electronics GmbH the competence in embedded systems



PLC-Tracer© for monitoring, simulating and manipulating of data traffic between charging stations (EVSE) and electric vehicles (EV)
EV-Simulation — Replica of an electric vehicle at the data level for testing charging stations
EVSE-Simulation — Replica of a charging station at the data level for testing of electric vehicles
EV-EVSE-Data-Display — Eavesdropping of PLC data traffic between electric vehicles and charging stations
EV-EVSE-Data-Manipulation —
Possibility of PLC data manipulation (IEC 61851:2001 / SAE J1772:2001 / ISO 15118) more...






EVSE-Tester© to check AC or DC charging stations
The EVSE-Tester emulates the functions of charging of an electric vehicle for testing AC/DC charging stations. The monitoring and analysis of all loading operations (according to ISO 15118, IEC 61851, DIN 70121) is made possible with the device in a simple way.






V2G-Viewer Pro© Log File Interpreter for reading and interpreting of High Level Communication data between Electric Vehicles and Charging Stations. more...






EVAcarge LE the universal tool for constructing, simulating and review of ISO 15118 communication protocols (PWM /PLC) and the development of
AC or DC charging stations (EVSE)





In Circuit FLASH memory programming (loader)
for 8-bit 16-bit 32-bit Microcontroller (MCU) of Infineon (C166, XC167, XE166, XC2000), STMicroelectronics (ST10, STM32 ARM Cortex-M3), NXP (ARM Cortex-M0/M3, ARM7), SiLabs (C8051) and others. For software and hardware development, maintenance and production.
With the programming tool FLASHit data (firmware) can be written in a MCU target system. Data can also be restored from the Flash memory of a MCU target system as hex or binary file. FLASHit can be controlled from other applications,or by batch mode using commandline parameters. All current Windows versions are supported.
FlashIt is available in 4 versions:



  • FLASHit Developer for embedded software and hardware developers. more...
  • FLASHit Compact the version for your customers or field representatives. more...
  • FLASHit Compact-Builder generates a FLASHit Compact version for the end user. more...
  • FLASHit OEM customized to your needs, the release of FLASHit. more...



Supported Controllers e.g.:

Infineon: C166: C161, C164, C165, C167 XC167: XC161, XC164, XC167  XE166: XE162, XE164, XE167, XE169  XC2200: XC2236, XC2264, XC2265, XC2267, XC2285, XC2286, XC2287, XC2297, XC2298, XC2299 XC2300: XC2363, XC2338, XC2364, XC2365, XC2385, XC2387, XC2388, XC2397, XC2398 XC2700: XC2797, XC2787, XC2786, XC2766, XC2785, XC2765, XC2735, XC2764, XC2734, XC2763 more....

STMicroelctronics: ST10: ST10F168, ST10F269, ST10F271, ST10R272, ST10F273, ST10F275, ST10F276, ST10F280  STM32F-1 Cortex-M3: STM32F100, STM32F101, STM32F102, STM32F103, STM32F105, STM32F107  STM32F-2 Cortex-M3: STM32F205, STM32F207, STM32F215, STM32F217  more...

NXP: ARM Cortex- M0: LPC1100L, LPC11C00, LPC11U00, LPC1100L ARM Cortex- M3: LPC1300, LPC1700 ARM7: LPC2100, LPC2200, LPC2300, LPC2400, LH7-series more...

SiLabs C8051: C8051F310, C8051F410, C8051F500, C8051F700, C8051F800, C8051F902 more...

Micronas: SDA6000, SDA6001, M2





Universal HEX-file-tool
for analyzing and modifying of Intel Hex-, Motorola S-Record- or Binary Files
. more...






WASP – Wireless Adaptive Sensor Phalanx –
Universal field radio system for wireless transmission of sensor data. more...











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